Akikaze Clan

Clan Of The Waters






"Our destruction will be your last gaze before death appears and your eyes will open up to pure darkness."
"Life won't always be there to back you up."    Mikoto~[170014]






 Truth is only what you believe and what you believe may not be the truth.


 AKIKAZE, don't look to destroy us, you'll only waste your time. We know how to fight. But we don't start wars for our own free time. We only follow in alliances and fight for self protection on our clans. If you wish to ally with Akikaze, then simply just ask ErreAkikaze on chatango.com





    If you feel so empty, so used up, so let down, If you feel so angry, so ripped up, so     stepped on. You're not the only one refusing to back down. You're not the only one. . . so get up and walk away into our light, your destruction.



























 Sick of crying...

 Tired of trying...

 Sure I'm smiling

 But inside I'm dying.


Erre~ [701077]














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